So You Want to Install a Remote Starter? Here’s What You Should Know.

With the cooler months ahead it’s time we talked about remote starters.

A remote starter, aka “car starter”, “auto starter”, or “remote start system”, is an electronic device that allows you to start your vehicle’s engine from a distance.

If you’ve lived through winter in Northern Ontario then you already know how valuable a remote starter is. Having a car that’s been warmed up before you step out for work saves you time: you won’t have to exhaust yourself brushing snow, and even scraping the ice off the windows becomes less of a hassle. During the Summer months there’ll be days where it can get up to 30 degrees outside, having a remote start installed can also help by allowing you to cool off your vehicle prior to getting in. Temperatures like that heat up your car to the point where stepping inside is more like stepping into an oven.

Often you can purchase a vehicle with a remote start already factory installed, but it will end up costing you more. Not only is having an aftermarket remote starter installed a cost effective alternative, you can often find models that are better than their factory installed counterparts.

About Remote Starters

Remote starters come with an excellent range. At Superior Customs we carry Compustar remotes. Compustar models operate from a range of 609m up to 1,524m depending on the model you choose. They’re also programmable. That means you can warm or cool your vehicle while it’s sitting in the driveway at home, or in a parking lot. You also have the option of keyless entry integration and trunk release integration to name a few, and if your vehicle has a Push-To-Start Ignition system a remote starter will still work with the vehicle.

Types of Remote Starts

We carry several types of remote starts by Compustar. Here’s what you should know about them:

1 Way Starter

1 Way Starts are cheaper, more user friendly, and come with a decent range. They work best when you’re within eyesight of your vehicle and there are no bells or whistles. If you’re the type of person who says:  “I just want to start my car and go”, then a 1 Way Starter is your best bet. It works well and it will save you money.

2 Way Starter

2 Way Starters cost more but also come with a greater range and more options on the remote. If your vehicle is running they will give your vehicle’s status on the display: you’ll be given a run time, and you’ll know if your vehicle is locked or unlocked. 2 Way Starters are great if you work in the steel plant, ball field, offices or anywhere that requires you to park a distance away from your vehicle. They’ll even let you know for sure if your car has started or not by displaying it on the key fob.


Another option for remote start is a subscription based service called Drone. Drone is a device based system that uses cell phone signals to provide feedback to the vehicle. It comes with key fobs and an app that you must download on your phone. You can access all kinds of valuable information about your vehicle on your device. Drone connects with your vehicle’s systems and can tell you current temperature, vehicle position, how much fuel is in the vehicle (typically), and even what angle/incline your vehicle is on. Drone starts at a base rate of $7/mo, with higher subscription levels after that. Different features will be unlocked based on the level of subscription you purchase.

How Superior Customs Can Help You

At Superior Customs we can help you decide what kind of remote starter is best for you. We install 1 way starters  for $499.99+tx, and 2 way starters for $599.99+tx. A free courtesy exterior wash for your car is included in the price of installation. We also offer a free shuttle service to and from our shop for your convenience.

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