So, What Is Ceramic Coating Anyway?

You’ve been hearing the term ceramic coating thrown about a lot lately, but what is it exactly?

What is Ceramic Coating

Also known as Nano-Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Coating utilizes nanotechnology, a technology originally designed for the oil and space industry.

The product consists of liquid polymers which chemically bond with the paint on your vehicle, forming a protective, glass-like layer over your vehicle’s clear coat. Think of it as a second skin. Since they are so small the molecules seal all the pores on the surface of the paint. Once applied this coating makes the surface of your car more more resistant to UV light, scratches, etc.

This layer, or second skin, is transparent, but you will know that it’s there. Your vehicle will have a noticeable gloss, as if you had just driven it from the lot. The ceramic coat forms a semi-permanent bond with your vehicle’s clearcoat. This second skin lasts longer than organic wax, from 1 to 3 years if applied correctly.

The Benefits of a Ceramic Coat to You

Currently ceramic coating is the best protection available for your vehicle. Unlike natural wax, which breaks down over a shorter period of time, the polymer molecules in the ceramic coating chemically bond to create a clear coat.  This is what gives the Ceramic Coat its strength. Over time natural waxes wear off when exposed to these elements, but the ceramic coat is tough enough to protect your vehicle for longer.

Hydrophobic/Mud and Dirt Repellent

Water is repelled instantly. This is due to the ceramic coat. There’s nothing to stick to, so the water beads up and rolls off. Mud and dirt also has a harder time sticking, and can be removed with less effort.

Protection From UV/Oxidation/Rust

When exposed to the sun the paint on your car begins to fade. This also puts your vehicle at risk for oxidation. A Ceramic coating dramatically reduces the oxidation, and it prevents fading.

Extra Protection From Scratches, Chips, ETC.

Due to the protective nature of the ceramic coat your vehicle will have extra protection from scratches and rock chips. It offers superior protection to your vehicle, more so than any wax or sealant.


Once your car is coated maintenance becomes easier. You will still need to wash of dirt and other contaminants, but it will require less work on your part. The majority of road contaminates that vehicles are typically exposed to on a daily basis have a difficult time sticking to a vehicle with a ceramic coat. The glass-like shell that will encapsulate your vehicle will also result in a sharp, crisp shine that lasts. The need to wax will be negated, since ceramic coats can last from 1 to 3 years.


Because it lasts longer a ceramic coating will also save you time and money in the long run, particularly if you like having your vehicle waxed often. The glass-like shell that will encapsulate your vehicle will result in a sharp, crisp shine that lasts. A ceramic coating also helps you to maintain the value of your vehicle, another benefit that anyone can get behind.

How We Apply the Coat

A step-by-step look at what we do:

1: We Clean the Vehicle

Whenever we do a ceramic coating, the first step we take is to wash, decontaminate, and dry your vehicle.

2: We Inspect and Polish the Paint

Once washed and dried the paint is thoroughly inspected using a high powered swirl light to determine condition. If a vehicle was purchased less than 30 days you may not need polishing at all. If the painted surfaces are dull or blemished we perform either a single of multi-stage polishing to remove any defects and restore optical clarity.

3: We Apply the Coating

When the clear coat of your vehicle is at an acceptable state, we apply our coating 1 panel at a time. The first coat is applied generously to the full vehicle. We then allow that first coat to cure. After cure time we buff the base coat until it shines, and then the top coat is applied. Sonax CC36 (our brand of choice for the coating) is a flexible ceramic coating that offers 1 year of protection. Protection can be extended through reloading the coat after 1 year–which extends vehicle protection from up to 36 months or 3 yrs.

How Superior Customs Can Help You

Pricing for the coat starts at $499.99+tax for the application and the product itself. If polishing is required it’s typically a few hundred more depending on the vehicle, condition, age, and your desired results. Don’t forget about our free shuttle service! We’ll get you to and from our shop for your convenience

If a ceramic coat appeals to you, give us a call or reach out to us through social media!


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